Saturday, August 22, 2020

ProtonVPN: Security Features

ProtonVPN, a Swizz based Proton Technology AG which is a strongly encrypted email service company, Headquartered in Geneva, SwitzerlandProtonVPN security provides the tight privacy of their host country. 

Thursday, August 20, 2020

ProtonVPN Plans: Basic or Plus?

ProtonVPN, based on Swizz company Proton Technology AG with the world’s strongest privacy law. ProtonVPN is being the first VPN service provider who shows Open-Source Code. Full Transparency so that you are able to know who is running the service, even the best VPN service providers have a limitation in it.

ProtonVPN does respect their user’s privacy, therefore never use an insecure protocol or encryption level. They have benefited from security experience which they gained from the world’s largest secure email service.

Talking about the features ProtonVPN holding them are they provide unlimited bandwidth, free data, no-log policy, internet freedom, and so on. Every VPN service provider has almost the same price structure only differs in some services. But ProtonVPN Security has their own generous feature as they give 20 percent discount over their monthly or annual subscriptions.

There are Four Plans which ProtonVPN provides to their users. Free, Basic, Plus, and Visionary Plan. Each plan has its own features but ProtonVPN is also the cheapest VPN that provides great benefits in their free subscription plan with three countries access and one supported device which is a huge offer that any VPN providers give.

Which Plan Is Good: Proton Basic Or Plus?

ProtonVPN Price Plan

As the above-mentioned image shows the difference between both the plans. ProtonVPN offers its Basic plan with limited features while its plus plan has great features with them.

ProtonVPN Basic Plan:

ProtonVPN's basic plan has the authority to access all the countries without any restrictions. At the Cost of 4€ /month, the plan offers two device compatibility with the highest speed. It also allows us to share the P2P file-sharing feature. Their annual subscription is at 48€, with a discount you save 12€.

This plan is good for those who only want a secure VPN for their network. But this plan will not satisfy you in streaming Netflix or any other app. Despite these limited features ProtonVPN's basic plan can secure data or provide a highly encrypted network with no log privacy.

ProtonVPN Plus Plan:

This plan comes with generous features with itself. ProtonVPN gives all the ultimate advanced features in this plan. One with this plan can able to access in any location with up to 5 supportive devices which are an ultimate plus point. Along with the highest speed and P2P sharing service, there is also the availability of plus servers. ProtonVPN Plus subscribers can also access Tor Servers, which is a rare feature that any VPN provide so it is nice to have it.

The most beneficial part of this subscription is you can access secure streaming. Yes, you can access US-based Netflix, amazon prime, Disney+, Hulu, and so on other apps. Providing a secure core network, though no one can be able to see your IP address because ProtonVPN Services passes user traffic through their Secure Core in the privacy-friendly countries like Switzerland and Iceland.

So here you can choose on your own, which plan suits you better ProtonVPN Basic or Plus. The basic plan offers you a monthly subscription at just 4 € while plus plan at 8 € per month. Also, their annual subscription has some discount such as in basic plan they offer 48 € and save 12 € whether the plus plan offers 96 € and save 24 €. Both have their same speed limits but yes plus plan has some more added benefits. You can also check some other VPN providers for paid subscriptions at the same cost with the same services.



Wednesday, August 19, 2020

ProtonVPN Review | Free VPN With Advance Security

ProtonVPN has the advantage of having a partnership with highly secured email service ProtonMail. With their advanced security system, ProtonVPN able to rank in top best VPN service providers.

Those who are familiar with ProtonMail can understand the privilege of having a VPN that highly focuses on security, privacy, and performance. ProtonVPN managed and operated by a Swizz Company, Proton Technologies AG. Proton is supported by FONGIT (which is a non-profit organization or Switzerland’s premier innovation incubator). 

Choosing ProtonVPN service provider we definitely have lots of questions, Is ProtonVPN a good VPN? What is known about ProtonVPN? Is it secure? Is Proton VPN free plan secure? Are there any good free VPN services? 

Here, this ProtonVPN Review, you will definitely get an idea about what exactly ProtonVPN is all about. ProtonVPN provides unlimited bandwidth, free plan, capable clients and reassuring security audits make it worth a look to opt. As per research, there are many tests that had been taken to ensure the standard of ProtonVPN. Like every other VPN service, this too has some pros and cons within it. Let's talk about their pros: 

ProtonVPN Review

1. Security & Privacy Standards- Is ProtonVPN Safe?

Definitely, ProtonVPN has an immense security feature to protect our connection and kept safe with built-in DNS leak protection. They have top-notch encryption and policies that support user privacy.

2. Strict No-Logging Policy

This is one of the greatest advantages that ProtonVPN has in itself. It will never reserve your passwords or browsing history in their database. Your stuff will remain secure as it was protected with Swizz law which prohibits any server to store their user’s information.

3. High Speed And Performance

Whenever we use any VPN, we only secure our web traffic by taking some different optimal routes to and from the internet. ProtonVPN do ensure that they provide the highest speed to their user’s but as per the research here are some conclusions: 

ProtonVPN Speed Test

These are the recorded speed of ProtonVPN in a different IP address, which seems to be normal to every other VPN service provider. 

4. ProtonVPN for Torrenting

ProtonVPN provides a feature P2P, which is beneficial to those users who use torrent to share their files. As they keep our all torrenting activities private with their no-log policy.

5. Compatible With Many Device

A huge advantage to access ProtonVPN is that it has great compatibility with all the native apps such as Windows, Android, iOS, macOS.  Device support Depends on your subscription.

6. Customer Service Availability

If you have any queries regarding the application, the support ticket and email facility are available but no live chat is there to resolve the query. Your query will be answered within 24 hrs.

7. Streaming- ProtonVPN Work with Netflix?

Yes. ProtonVPN gives an opportunity to access Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Hulu, and other streaming apps to watch your favorite series without any restriction. For that, you have to take the subscription with ProtonVPN. Sometimes they slow down the surfing speed but it's okay to have a pocket-friendly VPN subscription to watch the episodes.

With all the above mention pros and their strength that includes their attractive and user-friendly interface, high security, and strict no-logs policy. ProtonVPN does have some Cons such that:

1. Limited Torrenting Available

2. Limited Protocols (OpenVPN Only)

3. Server Speeds are Too Slow for the Price  

4. Full Server Access and Functionality At The Highest Pay Point.

ProtonVPN Plans and Pricing:

ProtonVPN Pricing List

ProtonVPN basically has four plans for its users with some slight differences in it. These four plans are Free, Basic, Plus, and Visionary Plan. In the first Free Plan, you get some specific server to access, only three countries namely Japan, Netherlands, and the US with the speed limit and only one device support.

Moving forward to the next basic plan, you can access in all countries with the support of two devices and get upgraded speed better the speed in free plan plus addition P2P allowance just in 4€/ month or 48€ yearly you can save 12€ in the yearly subscription. 

Next is ProtonPlus Plan, mention above basic plan this plan includes some more features like it supports five devices simultaneously, can access to streaming, "Plus" servers, Tor, and a secure core option within it. It Offers at the price of 8€/month and  96€ yearly, you will save 24€. Last but not the least Proton Visionary Plan, come with all the advanced features of ProtonMail Visionary, it seems to be a quite expensive plan but worth it plus ten device support simultaneously. Pricing for Visionary plan starts with 24€/month and a yearly subscription at 288€, you will gonna save 72€. Payment can be made with a big card or through PayPal. In line with the commitment of ProtonVPN to protection, privacy, and anonymity, there is also an option to pay through bitcoin which will be good news for more users who are more privacy-conscious.

ProtonVPN Review- Verdict

Overview To ProtonVPN

With the proven robust ProtonVPN security and respect for user privacy, one can say ProtonVPN is a decent VPN service that one can use. The most attractive feature that ProtonVPN carries is the user-friendly app, though can access any device. Because of some flaws, it falls in some areas but still, it is worthy to be an option. Their Customer support is quite slow, so if you are a beginner then you will have some issues with it. Torrenters, will gonna make the most of this ProtonVPN.

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

ProtonVPN - A Worthy, Secured and Fast Speed Service Provider

ProtonVPN is a virtual private network owned by Proton Technologies AG, Geneva, Switzerland. Like every other VPN providers, ProtonVPN has their special traits which make it more worthy than others. Today, all of us want to have Internet surfing freedom, anytime, everywhere. Having a personal VPN can help you to make it possible. 

A VPN, virtual private network that can shield your IP address or location, can protect your data from cyber thefts. ProtonVPN provides encrypted Internet connection with the advanced security feature ensuring that no one can hack your connection. 

ProtonVPN better option over other VPNs?

Choosing your VPN service provider completely depends on your budget or business. But going to opt ProtonVPN will become a better choice. There tremendous feature that available for every user, make it a better option who thinks ProtonVPN is Safe or not? Here are some ProtonVPN’s features that one should definitely know and enjoy the service:

ProtonVPN features
Feature Of ProtonVPN

Respect Privacy: ProtonVPN put their user’s privacy first and enforces no-log policy. Therefore, they do not store any information regarding the sites you visit.

Free VPN: This is the only VPN that provides free VPN service with no speed limit or ads, no catches, no gimmicks. Once you try their free VPN plan you will get to know about their benefits and can upgrade your plan.

Security: ProtonVPN is protected by tight Swizz privacy law which is the world’s largest privacy law in Switzerland.

DNS Leak Prevention: Along with browsing activities, ProtonVPN also protect from DNS queries through an encrypted tunnel, not rely on third-party DNS provider.

No Log Policies: Not only paid users but free VPN users also have benefited from this feature. ProtonVPN never saves your browsing history or your passwords in their server. 

Support Multiple Devices: Unlike another VPN service that provides only five supportive devices ProtonVPN supports up to ten devices.

Not only this, but ProtonVPN also supports P2P (peer to peer), provides unlimited bandwidth, and work over modern interface. They are easy to use, work with high speed, and most important trusted VPN service provider.

Is ProtonVPN Safe for Streaming?

Secure ProtonVPN Streaming

While traveling you don’t want to miss your favorite shows or series. ProtonVPN can help you to reach out to this problem. Using VPN service you can change your IP address so that in any other place where travel you can access such app like Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, BBC, and so on. For you only have to upgrade free or basic ProtonVPN plan and get their subscription. They support the streaming services in multiple countries however ProtonVPN users can access German, UK, and US version Netflix. 

ProtonVPN Supports operating system such as Android; Linux; macOS; Microsoft Windows; iOS. Also available in German, Persian, Russian, and seven other languages. Provide you an opportunity to sign up with your email and choose your own address as you want. 

Choosing ProtonVPN as your service provider can be a wise decision. To protect your data from third-party operators should go for this service. Their Pricing are also not so high, you can get a basic plan as per your requirement. Details for ProtonVPN are  

Free Plan: Three Countries, 1 Device, and Medium Speed.

Basic Plan: Start at 4 €/month, All Countries, 2 Devices, P2P, and Highest Speed.

Plus Plan: Start at 8 €/ month, All Countries, 5 Devices, P2P, Plus Servers, Secure Core, Tor Servers, Secure Streaming.

Visionary Plan: Start at 8 €/ month, All Countries, 5 Devices, P2P, Plus Servers, Secure Core, Tor Servers, Secure Streaming, and Proton Mail Visionary included.

You can choose any of the above plans suitable for you and also can get some ProtonVPN Coupons to get ultimate discount over these plans. There are many other VPN providers are also available. If you want to check out more VPN service provider so can go through these names, Tunnel Bear free VPN, Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection, Hotspot Shield free VPN for Android, Avira Phantom free VPN for Android,, Speedify free VPN for Android, Windscribe VPN, and so on.

ProtonVPN: Security Features

ProtonVPN, a  Swizz based Proton Technology AG  which is a strongly encrypted email service company, Headquartered in  Geneva, Switzerland ....